Released On: March, 09, 2020
Total Downloads: 202 Downloads

S-Ka-Paid spent 2 years working on the first hip-hop album in history to consist of 100 songs.

During this 2 year time period S-Ka-Paid went through a mid-life crisis and was faced with quitting his job, family court trials, a long battle with alcohol addiction, debt, detox, a break-up with his partner, writers block, face surgery and tons of other life changing experiences.

By the time S-Ka-Paid was back on his feet in early 2020 his desire and hunger for music had evolved so much that he decided to give this album away as a free mixtape.... Enjoy!

1. I Hate You (Prod. By Zitrox)
2. Heal This (Prod. By D-Low)
3. Super Saiyan Cypher Ft. Maceo Moreno (Prod. By Jigga Beatz)
4. So What (Prod. By Real Talk Inc Joey Cutless)
5. Don't Own Me (Prod. By Matrix)
6. A Letter To The Dads That Left (Prod. By Epistra)
7. Fed Up (Prod. By RellyMade)
8. Get It Got It Good Ft. Shallow Pockets
9. Get Fucked Up (Prod. By Cronic)
10. I Ain't Gon Change (Prod. By Penacho)
11. New Rap Won't Work (Prod. By Just Tha Producer)
12. All Gone Ft. Maceo Moreno (Prod. By D-Low)
13. Mix It (Prod. By Young Forever)
14. Hands Up Ft. Maceo Moreno (Prod. By Mister KA)
15. Flip (Prod. By Insane Beatz)
16. Sad For Nuthin (Prod. By TruBeats)
17. A Real Man Cries (Prod. By Jbz Beatz)
18. No Idea (Prod. By Cxdy)
19. Ride It Out (Prod. By RellyMade)
20. Showdown (Prod. By D-Low)
21. Back In Your Seat (Prod. By Phat Crispy)
22. Rock Cypher Ft. Maceo Moreno (Prod. By S-Ka-Paid)
23. Jack In The Box (Prod. By Kid Ocean)
24. PUSH (Prod. By Cooarri)
25. Shut It Down (Prod. By Anno Domini)
26. Keep It Down (Prod. By Trippy T)
27. Stretch It (Prod. By BDM JeeJuh.Com)
28. What The Fuck Is This Ft. Hop Skip (Prod. By Ditty)
29. Pour It Out (Prod. By LOUD)
30. Watered Down (Prod. By D-Low)
31. Beep Beep Ft. Maceo Moreno (Prod. By Saru)
32. Faded Fading Out (Prod. By Trench Lord B)
33. You Do (Prod. By D-Low)
34. Pack It Up (Prod. By Ditty)
35. No Chill (Prod. By Kid Ocean)
36. I Do The Work Ft. Maceo Moreno (Prod. By D-Low)
37. Whole Time (Prod. By Bowtie)
38. Switch It Up (Prod. By Trooh Hippi)
39. People Change Ft. Shizzy (Produced By S-Ka-Paid)
40. Be Like You
41. King Kong (Prod By. Silins)
42. What I Do (Prod. By D-Low)
43. Flame Starter (Prod. By Buckroll)
44. Stupid Bitch (Prod. By Horus)
45. Hey Bitch (Prod. By Cxdy)
46. So So Long (Prod. By Epistra)
47. Ain't Ever Goin Back (Prod. By Cooarri)
48. Hoodie On (Prod By. De Froiz)
49. S-Ka-Paid And Hop Skip Cypher (Prod. By Mikos)
50. Roll Up Ft. Hop Skip (Prod. By No Lack Team)

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