The Situation Room

    Release Date: December 31, 2015

    Mixtape Tracklist:

    1. Just Watch Ft Subconscious
    2. Truth Hurts (MadChild Diss)
    3. I’m Still Underground
    4. Do You Ft. Mr.Face
    5. Wake Up Call
    6. We Don’t Wanna Hear That Ft Subconscious
    7. Burn Ft. Young Stitch
    8. Not A Game Ft. E The Rapper
    9. No Going Back Ft Subconscious
    10. ThanksGiving (Funk Volume and Hopsin Diss)
    11. Nice Guys Finish Last
    12. Hip-Hop History Remix Ft. PaceWon
    13. Pray
    14. Bam In This Bitch Ft. Subconscious
    15. The Chosen One


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